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A Healthy Meal Prep Breakfast: Overnight Oats

Want the secret to a healthy breakfast that can be prepped up to five days in advance? Let me introduce you to a meal prep staple, overnight oats. Full of fiber, protein and healthy fats, overnight oats are an easy grab out the door and will keep you satisfied for hours.

If you are in need of quick breakfast solutions for your rather hectic mornings, then overnight oats are a must-make. In comparison to traditional oatmeal that can take anywhere between five and 30 minutes to cook, overnight oats can be prepped ahead of time once and enjoyed throughout the week.

My go-to formula for overnight oats is the following:

½ cup fresh fruit (1 mashed banana, chopped apples, berries) + 1/3 cup rolled old-fashioned oats + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + ¾ cup unsweetened milk

Simple, right?

The secret to creamy overnight oats is the addition of chia seeds. These powerhouse seeds are packed with healthy fats, and are also a great source of calcium. Chia seeds absorb up to eight times their weight in liquid creating a gel-like coating on the outside, soaking up any excess liquid. When left alone to set overnight, the result is a satisfying and creamy texture the next day.

To kick overnight oats up a notch, here are some flavor ideas to add to your jar:

· Cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, cacao powder or vanilla extract

· 1 tablespoon nut butter

· 1/3 cup plain yogurt

· 1 scoop grass-fed collagen or high-quality protein powder

The flavor options are endless! Berry vanilla oats, chocolate peanut butter oats, apple walnut muesli… let your taste buds lead the creativity in the kitchen.

When you’re ready to eat the overnight oats, you can enjoy them cold or warmed in the microwave. Overnight oats also make for a fantastic snack, eaten by the half-portion.

Overnight oats are about to up your breakfast game. You ready?

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