Berries: Summer’s Slim Fruit

“What fruits should I be eating if I am trying to slim down for summer?”

This is one of the most common questions I get as a health coach. Fruit has seemingly gotten a bad rap in the “dieting” department and it’s time to change that! While fruit does contain (natural) sugar, it also contains vitamins and minerals that are health-boosting, water, and fiber, the nutrient that triggers satiety in the body and helps keep blood sugar levels stable.

Put simply, fruit can be a part of a healthy diet even if your goals are to trim your waistline. However, there are some fruits that are lower in sugar than others and it turns out, those at the top of the list are in season as we head into summer!

Berries and citrus fruits tend to top the charts for fruits that are lower in sugar, while tropical fruits and dried fruits are higher in sugar.

Not only are berries sweeter tasting and bursting with flavor in the summertime, they are also at their nutritional peak.

Berries are not only low in sugar and high in fiber, but they are also:

  • Loaded with antioxidants which helps fight free radicals in the body to prevent disease and signs of aging
  • High in vitamin C (1 cup provides about half of your daily recommended amount)
  • Anti-inflammatory (another benefit of antioxidants) Berries
  • Enjoyed as part of almost any diet, even the wildly popular ketogenic diet!

If berries aren’t in season in your area yet, have no fear! Frozen berries are a fantastic alternative to enjoying this antioxidant-rich fruit all year long.

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate berries into my day, as well as a few recipes to kick it up a (healthy) notch in the kitchen:

Summer never tasted so sweet (and healthy)!

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