5 Classic Soup Recipes to Cozy Up to This Winter

Soup season is officially here! On bone chilling days, one of the best ways to warm up is to defrost from the inside out. A hearty soup will do just that and is the perfect meal to have on hand for a busy week. These classic soup recipes are some that we all know and love, but each has gone through a healthy makeover using a few simple swaps to keep you fueled in a more nutritious way.

Dairy-Free Broccoli Cheddar Soup
One of the most popular soups on restaurant menus is broccoli cheddar soup. While it is comforting, those that are trying to stick to healthier food choices usually shy away from cream-based soups.

Check out the swaps made in this recipe to make it more health-conscious:

  • Soaked cashews replace heavy cream for a luscious, decadent texture.
  • To reinforce the creamy consistency, adding just one Yukon potato makes it extra silky smooth.
  • Instead of cheddar cheese (and to make this recipe vegan-friendly), use nutritional yeast. This ingredient lends a nice “cheesy”, nutty flavor and will provide a boost of protein and B vitamins.

Get the recipe for Dairy-Free Broccoli Cheddar Soup here.

Creamy Vegan Tomato Basil Soup
Similar to broccoli cheddar soup, tomato basil soup is a classic that is sometimes steered clear of due to its cream base. Another trick to achieving an ultra smooth consistency is by adding beans! When pureed in the blender, the starchiness from the beans creates a creamy texture, making this soup hearty and full of fiber.

Get the recipe for Creamy Vegan Tomato Basil Soup here.

One-Pot Healthy Turkey Lentil Chili
Chili is the ultimate cold weather soup to warm up to. It’s filling and hearty enough to be a satisfying meal on its own. There are many different ways to make chili, but this recipe is a little different.

Instead of using beans, this recipe calls for lentils. Lentils have a slightly different texture, one that more closely resembles ground meat, making it a great option for those that are otherwise skeptical of legumes. Top your bowl of chili with plain Greek yogurt and avocado slices for a healthy garnish!

Get the recipe for this One Pot Healthy Turkey Lentil Chili here.

Detoxifying Roasted Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup
We’ve discussed several different ways to make traditional cream-based soups healthier, but there’s still one swap that has been left unmentioned. Coconut milk! The consistency of full-fat coconut milk is strikingly similar to heavy cream, and is a delicious flavor compliment to the veggies in this soup.

This recipe is made with only seven ingredients that are incredibly comforting and healing. The vitamin A found in the carrots and butternut squash is a powerful antioxidant, and when combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits if ginger, these star ingredients are reason enough to enjoy this soup all season long.

Get the recipe for this Detoxifying Roasted Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup here.

Vegetarian Pot Pie Soup w/ A Homemade Crust
One of those stick-to-your-bones kind of meals, pot pie is a comfort food classic. It’s also known to contain a lot of butter, cream, and flour, both in the filling and the crust.

In this recipe, we are turning this dish into a soup, complete with a homemade crust! While the recipe is vegetarian-friendly, you could add shredded chicken if desired. The homemade crust is grain-free and made with a base of almond flour for a healthy dose of protein and unsaturated fats. The crust recipe is foolproof, and a great one to get the kids involved.

Get the recipe for this Vegetarian Pot Pie Soup here.

Carly Paige, health coach and cooking instructor, believes that healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Her mission is to show you simple swaps in and out of the kitchen to elevate your everyday that will transform your health. Carly is the author of Simply Swapped Everyday, a healthy guide and cookbook with over 75 plant-powered recipes and founder of FitLiving Eats – a place where she shares nutritious recipes and how-to guides.

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