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Setting New Year Fitness Goals!

With the turn of the new year, making healthier choices tends to be top of mind. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a list of must dos and feeling unsure of where to start, keep your goals simple to set yourself up for success. Here are a few simple goal ideas to get started.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time, JUST START!  Nike has the right idea, “Just do it.” Being active needs to go from a thought to an action. Start with adding new activities/workouts and begin to track what you enjoy doing most. Keeping it simple at the start is key. When we make things complicated or too far out of our reach, we are more than likely unable to keep our fresh start moving along and defeat can easily settle in. Start by making two or three fitness goals for yourself each week.  For example:

  • Take one group fitness class this week.
  • Commit to completing one 30-minute cardio workout.
  • Schedule a day to work on strength training for at least 30 minute

Make it a Routine.  I completely understand that finding time to workout can be a challenge. But in order to start seeing results, we have to understand it requires making the time. I have often found myself saying, “I am too busy today to work out.” But what I realized was that even if I took one hour out of my day to get a quick workout in and get back to my day, I was still going to be busy. Busy was going to be my story everyday and saving that one hour to not workout and put it towards my busyness never really got me caught up. So, our new normal routine needs to finds time to work out in spite of being busy. Honestly, when you workout when you didn’t think you had the time or space to do it, it will boost your happiness levels because you did something you didn’t think you could do!

Small Changes in the Kitchen. You can’t out train a bad diet is truthful. Once you start making changes towards healthier eating options your body will respond and you will start seeing changes and even have better energy. Nothing is more disheartening than to spend so much time and effort working out and not seeing weight loss or improvements due to improper eating. Check out our FRESH blog for tips and recipes!

Be Steadfast. Committing to living stronger and healthier is truly is a journey. Results happen over time and everyone’s body responds differently to exercise and healthy eating. If you remain unwavering and resolute towards a new “Fitness You” change will eventually come. Be steadfast in this process.

Here’s to the New Year and the New Fitness You! You can do this!

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