Summer Water Workout!

It’s summertime and the warm weather brings us to the beach and the pools for some summer fun. While summer can sometimes take us away from the gym, it does not have to take us away from our workouts. It’s easy to overlook the water as a great place to get our workout in, but did you know that the water is an excellent place for a workout? Working out in the water has some great benefits and you can do it while you are out enjoying the beautiful summer!

Working out in the water is easy on the joints!

Exercises performed in the water decreases the impact on our joints due to the buoyancy of the water. This makes the exercises low-to no-impact which means there is a low risk of getting injured. If you are on a recovery day due to a tough workout the day before, working out in the water is a great choice for your active recovery days because it’s easy on the joints.

Working out in the water builds strength!

Even though working out in the water is low impact, it can still build stronger muscles! Think about it, moving your body through water is harder than moving it through the air on land. The water is resisting your every move in every direction, so you are constantly working on resistance training which builds strength!

Working out in the water is a great way to change up your workouts and stay cool! 

To prevent boredom and burn out, changing up your workout regimen is a must! Simply by changing our environment is the easiest way to do this. If you love to run outside or on a treadmill, try running in the water and you will notice the constant resistance the water provides to challenge you in a new way. Exercising outside is always a good time and if you take it to the water it’s a great way to keep you cool and reduce the risk of overheating.

Give it a try with this workout designed by Becky DeVault, fitness trainer at MVP Sportsplex!

Side-to-side tuck throughs (cardio/core) – Kick both legs out to the surface of the water on the right as both arms push to the left. You end up lying/floating on your side. Trying to stay suspended, tuck the knees and arms in the center before going the opposite direction. Touch down in the middle as needed.

Hip circles (hip strengthening) – Keeping leg straight, make medium sized circles clockwise and counterclockwise.

Horizontal shoulder adduction and abduction (posture muscles strengthening the upper back) – stand with feet shoulder width apart. With thumbs facing up and arms straight, push arms forward until palms touch, then pull them back open. “Open and close the arms”


Tread water (cardio/thighs/hips/core) – Get those legs and arms moving to tread water. No rules! Just go and keep your head above water!

Jumping Jacks (cardio/hips/shoulder strengthening) – Legs go out and in as your arms go up to the surface and back down thighs. Land with your feet flat

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