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Vision 20/20

20/20 is famously known as good, average, “normal” vision. As we look at the past five months, we all are probably questioning the clarity of the year 2020…!

Although our original vision of the year 2020 may be blurred, and unclear, your personal vision does not have to be. At the end of 2019 many of us set personal life goals and fitness goals. Now is the perfect time to reflect on those goals and bring better clarity to accomplishing them.

Today’s focus will be on our fitness goals! First step…figure out what you want to improve or consistently do. Once you have discovered what you want to improve, set your goal and give yourself a realistic timeline to accomplish it. Each day is a new opportunity to take daily steps towards your goal. Goal setting will help bring clarity to what you plan to manifest for yourself.

Now with the unique time we are faced with, we must find different ways to stay active. A great way to stay active, drop weight, and keep mentally and emotionally healthy is through Walking.

The beautiful advantage of walking is how simple it is, making it accessible for many people to execute. Plus, walking has many health benefits, including: improved immune system; a boost in metabolism; increased strength in joints, muscle and bones; and it aids in stress relief. Check out the following link to read 11 Biggest Benefits of Walking to Improve Your Health: https://www.prevention.com/fitness/a20485587/benefits-from-walking-every-day/

As a Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and an Aspiring Bodybuilder being out of my regular gym routine is not ideal and takes a mental toll on my mind and body. During this season, I had the opportunity to get out of the house and use the world as my gym. Whether I go for a long 5-mile low intensity walk or a 1-mile speed walk, I make a daily walk my priority.

No matter where you are, I encourage you to tie up your laces, put your headphones in, turn on your favorite music playlist, podcast or audiobook and take a walk around your neighborhood.

Remember to set your goals and keep your focus clear. Every day will not be easy but take one step each day toward your goal. Vision 2020 is still a little blurred but with each day the vision becomes clearer and clearer!

Keep working hard and if you need assistance with anything please reach out! We are in this together!

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