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With kids out of school for the summer, now can be a busy time for families as we enjoy vacations, sporting events, and other family activities together. As these fun activities start to ramp up it can become easy to lose motivation, slack on our workouts, and simply throw in the towel on our fitness routine until fall rolls back around. To help prevent the summertime workout slump,  I’ve come up with a solution that will not only help you reach your fitness goals this summer, but also provide you with the opportunity to spend more quality time with your family!

The solution…. Family workouts! Let’s start by sharing some benefits of working out as a family:

  • It’s an efficient use of your time. It combines working out with family time!
  • It sets a great example and healthy lifestyle for your kids
  • It pushes you to match the energy levels of your kids
  • It creates positive family memories
  • It pushes everyone to try new things and work together
  • It makes working out fun

Now, let’s talk about some workout ideas that you can do with your whole family this summer:

1) Use Your Kids as Weights

Depending on the age and size of your kids you may need to improvise but there are many ways to use their weight to make your workouts more challenging and get your strength workout in. I’m demonstrating push ups and squats with Ellery on my back, but there are many other options you can try.


2) Create Family Workouts

What kid doesn’t want to put their parents through a workout they created and watch them sweat it out?  Below are two fun ways to get your kids involved in creating your family fitness fun this summer:

  • Have older kids write up their own workout plan on a white board and coach the family through the workout.
  • Create a workout game with a deck of cards and dice. Here’s how it works:

To start:

You’ll need dice and a deck of cards or scrapes of paper to write family friendly exercises on such as squats, jumping jacks, push ups, lunges, animal movements, planks, etc..

Game rules: 

1) Place cards facing down, have each kid pick a card and flip it over.  This is your exercise!

2) Roll both dice and add up the number. This is your number of reps!

3) Perform the # of reps of the chosen exercise as a family

4) Repeat until you are tired!

3) Use Playground as a Gym

Think of your kid’s playground as an outdoor gym with a variety of different equipment options. You just need to use your imagination to figure out what exercises to do on them. Here are a couple ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Chin Ups on Monkey Bars

Sit Ups on Slide

4) Hold a Weekly Sports Night

Designate one night a week that a family member gets to pick a sport and play as a family. Be sure to rotate which family member picks (including adults) so there’s a variety of sports being played! This not only mixes it up but also requires different movements and skills to be learned (or relearned for us adults!)

Examples: Wiffleball, pickleball, basketball, jump rope contest, hopscotch, etc.

Hope you give these workouts a try and have an active summer with your family!

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