Marketing Partners

As a member of this MVP Sports Clubs facility, you are entitled to more than the best athletic club in West Michigan. We continually strive to provide great value to you, our valued member, through service, facilities, classes and programs. In a promise to support our local community, we have formed partnerships with the following local businesses.

Please use this guide as a resource for you and your family.


Premium Partners

  • 616-285-8245
    3700 Kraft Ave SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • 866-989-7999
    100 Michigan St. NE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Business Partners

  • 616-825-6112
    6804 Old 28th St
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-949-5980
    1151 E. Paris Ave SE, Ste 100
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-974-3003
    2060 E. Paris Ave, Ste 250
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-797-8033
    5747 28th Street SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-458-6322
    217 Grandville Ave SW, Ste 100
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • 616-954-0950
    5060 Cascade Road, Suite A
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-949-8871
    2305 E Paris Ave SE, Suite 201
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-288-2801
    1680 E. Paris Ave SE, Ste 200
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 616-546-3500
    10990 Chicago Drive
    Zeeland, MI 49464

Silver Partners

  • 616-459-6257
    227 Winter Ave NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • 616-774-2000
    187 Monroe Ave NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • 616-451-4500
    220 Lyon St NW, Suite 700
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • 616-242-1500
    235 Louis St NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Want to Reach Your Target Market?

Hit your mark! Shape up your marketing approach by reaching more of the right people. Here is a marketing opportunity that expands your company's reach to thousands of additional customers within your target market. Your corporation would benefit from targeting our members and guests. Partnering with MVP Sports Clubs through a sponsorship agreement provides your company with tools that reach a highly coveted demographic.

Sponsorship plans may include the following:

  • Product or service exclusivity
  • Logo presence and club signage
  • Print and media presence
  • Facility access and usage benefits

This is marketing that moves people to buy. To take advantage of this powerful marketing tool, call 616-575-6220 TODAY!