Medicare Program

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MVP Athletic Club gladly accepts the following insurance-sponsored membership plans:


Renew Active™ from UnitedHealthcare
SilverSneakers® by Florida Blue


These insurance plans include a NO-COST membership to MVP Athletic Club!


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Your Questions Answered

What plans are accepted?
• Renew Active™ from UnitedHealthcare
• SilverSneakers® by Florida Blue
Who is eligible?
Renew Active™
All eligibility questions should be directed to Renew Active™ Customer Service. Visit or call UnitedHealthcare Customer Service number on the back of your Member ID Card.

Visit or call 866-456-3065 to confirm eligibility.
How do I join?
Renew Active™
New or current MVP members will need to see a Membership Advisor to join as an MVP Renew Active™ member. We will need your Renew Active™ Fitness Confirmation ID to activate your membership account.

MVP will obtain member’s SilverSneakers® ID via This ID number must be entered into our member management system during enrollment. If MVP in unable to obtain their SilverSneakers® ID, the member will need to contact their Medicare plan provider.
Do I pay monthly membership dues to MVP?
No. As a Medicare Member, your monthly membership dues are paid for by your Health Care Plan.
Am I required to put a credit card on file?
Yes. This is for house-charging privileges only. If you don’t accrue any monthly house charges, your credit card will not be charged.
Do I have limited access to the club?
No. You may visit the club as often as you like. Please note, if you do not check-in to the club at least once in any given calendar month, you will need to simply re-enroll in our Medicare Membership Program when you return to MVP Athletic Club.
Can my spouse take advantage of this membership?
Only individual policy plan holders are eligible. If only one spouse is eligible, the other spouse would be the Primary member and pay applicable membership dues.