Operational Update

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, our clubs remain CLOSED at this time. Once restrictions have been lifted, we will communicate an opening date and our Phase 1 operational plan. Please continue to CHECK HERE for updates!

Questions Answered

Common Questions

How do I view my monthly billing statement?
Your monthly billing statement is available online. Click on "myMVP login" to access your online account.

From there, click "Account Statements" to view your monthly billing statements.
How do I update my credit card on my membership account?
Credit card updates are very common. Simply click on "myMVP Login" to access your online account.

From there, click "Update Credit Card on File" to easily update your credit card information.

You may also bring your card into the club to update it at the Service Desk.
I have a question about a charge(s) on my account
If you have a question regarding a recent charge(s) on your account, please contact our Member Support Center at 616-575-6239
How do I add or cancel a family member from my membership account?
If you need to add or cancel a member on your account, stop by the Service Desk and ask for a Membership Advisor. They will be happy to help you through that process.
How do I cancel my membership account?
A member may resign their membership with minimum written notification to the member services office through an approved cancellation form or authorized certified/return receipt requested mail.

Member may terminate the membership at any time during the month and such termination will be effective the first day of the following month. No monthly membership charges will be applied to the account after the month of resignation.

Resignation from the Club does not relieve the Member or Associate(s) of the responsibility to pay all applicable charges prior to termination of the membership.

Upon effective date of cancellation, Member’s access and obligation to the Club shall cease.

The Athletic Club reserves the right to terminate any membership or usage at any time at its sole discretion, for any reason, but not limited to:
  • Non-payment of member account.
  • Failure to comply with Athletic Club policies and procedures.
  • Aggressive, disruptive or abusive behavior and comments.
  • Any action that interferes with the operation of the Athletic Club or members’ enjoyment of the facility.
  • Incomplete membership application, including but not limited to all necessary signatures, proof of residency and valid payment information.
I've lost my membership card. How do I get a new one?
You may replace your membership card on your next visit to the club. There is a $5 fee to replace a lost card.
How do I opt in to MVP Health Points?
It's easy! Log into your myMVP account by visiting the "myMVP login" in the top left corner of the screen.

Once you are logged in, click OPT IN and you are set and ready to start earning points!
I've never taken a group fitness class before, how do I start?
Just show up! Our classes are taught with ALL fitness levels in mind. Feel free to go at your own pace or challenge yourself to a great workout. Class schedules are available HERE, at the Service Desk or on our MVP Mobile App!
How do I sign up for a paid program?
Members can easily register for any paid program ONLINE! Visit the program you want to register for, click on "ADD TO CART" and then follow the checkout process by logging into your myMVP account. It's that easy!

Members may also register for a paid program in person by visiting the Service Desk.
Can I bring a guest?
Yes! We encourage our members to bring friends to experience the club. When bringing a friend to the club, it is the responsbility of the member to see that their guests are properly registered at the Service Desk and the appropriate guest fees are paid.

Daily Guest Fee: $20

Members can also earn guest passes through our MVP Health Points rewards program and other in-house promotions. If you are bringing a guest under the age of 18, their parent or guardian must complete the following waiver >> PARTICIPATION WAIVER
Guest Participation Waiver
If you are bringing a guest under the age of 18, their parent or guardian must complete the following waiver >> PARTICIPATION WAIVER