MVP Cares

At MVP Sports Clubs, we work hard to build a community of people that encourage and support one another in all aspects of life. We want to sincerely thank our members, customers and guests for the continued support and encouragement as we work through this difficult time together.


We are also very humbled by the generosity of so many to aid our Team Members that may be in financial need. So many of you have generously asked how you can contribute to our Team Members. We’ve created a fund to make this possible.


MVP CARES FUND was started by contributions from Management and now has been opened up to our community. These funds will be given to directly to Team Members in need and will not be used for MVP business purposes.


There are two ways for you to contribute…

Are you an Athletic Club member?


If yes, you can click the “Contribute Dues Credit” button below. This will prompt you to contribute the dues credit from March 16-March 31 that is on your Athletic Club membership account.




Want to contribute via credit card?


If yes, click on the “Make Credit Card Contribution” button below. Follow the prompts and your credit card contrition will be added to the MVP Cares Team Member Fund.





MVP Cares Team Fund will directly aid those furloughed team members who have immediate needs arise during this difficult time.