Operations Update

We are carefully opening our locations with a phased approach to ensure cleaning, safety and distancing protocols that align with CDC guidelines, state restrictions and industry best practices. For the status of your location and to review our comprehensive reopening plan, CLICK HERE.


Confidence is Key

At MVP, we know how important it is for our members to have the confidence and peace of mind that they are returning the safest environment possible. If you need a little more time before coming back, we understand.


POINTS PLUS was created with this flexibility in mind. Our POINTS PLUS program allows memberships to be placed on a hold status for an unlimited amount of time. When you are ready to come back, you will retain your initial membership dues pricing and will not be charged a re-enrollment fee.


At this time, there will be no charge for members to be on POINTS PLUS. If after October 31st you are still not ready to come back, you can continue POINTS PLUS for only $8 per month, per member.




Unlimited Membership Freeze

No Re-Enrollment Fee

Maintain Initial Dues Structure

Monthly Guest Passes

Ability to Earn Health Points

Easy Reactivation into Membership

Exclusive Access Pass Opportunity

No charge until Nov 1

POINTS PLUS Conditions

POINTS PLUS allows memberships to be placed on “hold” status for an unlimited amount of time.


Memberships are moved to POINTS PLUS starting on the first day of the next month.


Beginning November 1, POINTS PLUS members will be charged a minimum of $8 per month, per member until the account is moved to “active”.


If account includes multiple members and at least one member remains “active”, Primary membership dues and monthly POINTS PLUS fee will be assessed.


Upon reactivation, member will retain their monthly membership dues structure given at the time of initial enrollment and no re-enrollment fee will be assessed.


POINTS PLUS member will receive one (1) guest pass per month of POINTS PLUS status. Guest pass can be used by member and will expire at the end of month assigned. (Guests are not allowed during Phase 1 of reopening)


POINTS PLUS member will continue to earn Health Points during time of POINTS PLUS status and will retain all points earned prior to entering the POINTS PLUS program.


We will begin charging pro-rated membership dues on Monday, September 14. If you have an available credit on your account from March, this credit will be applied in the September billing process. If you are not ready to return, you must change your account status for each member on the account to POINTS PLUS or cancel by 11:59pm on September 13th to avoid September billing.


POINTS PLUS sound right for you?

Easily update your account status below, and when the time is right, we will be ready to welcome you back!