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Escape from the stress of the day at Central Florida’s premier health & fitness destination!

  • World Class Facilities
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Innovative Programming
  • Industry Leading Group Classes
  • Child Care Included
  • Spa Quality Amenities


Free Childcare

You’ll workout a lot better knowing the kids are supervised and having fun in our awesome 15,000 square foot Kid’s Stuff area! Free to child members ages 0-11.

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400+ Classes Included

Offering over 400 complimentary group fitness classes each month, RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club provides its members with classes to fit even the busiest schedule.

From Group Power to Yoga, Aqua Fit to Zone Training, we have what you need to get moving and get motivated!

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Created exclusively for Athletic Club members, this open community work-space is a unique blend of calm and comfort. Open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm.

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Health Points

Turn your workouts into rewards! MVP Health Points is your healthy activity rewards program that lets you earn $$ and prizes for checking in and working out.

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Membership Benefits

Who Says There’s No Perks to Working Out?

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We offer the latest cardio, strength, resistance and functional training equipment. With hundreds of pieces to choose from, you’ll find everything you need to achieve the results you want!

Group Fitness

Offering over 400 COMPLIMENTARY classes each month, we provide you with classes to fit even the busiest schedule. We have what you need to get moving and get motivated!

Functional Training

Train like a pro on our 40-yard functional and sports performance turf area with its attached 3,000 square foot weight room.

Locker Rooms

Enjoy spa-quality locker rooms for men, women and families. Locker rooms include free daily lockers with private rental and laundry options available, steam room, sauna, whirlpool and cold plunge. Complimentary towel service is provided.

Aquatic Center

Make a splash in our indoor aquatic center featuring a lap pool, family pool and warm water therapy pool. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just getting started, we have the program for you.

Court Sports

From indoor basketball, racquetball and squash to six (6) outdoor tennis courts, we have everything you need to get active and have fun!

Kid Care

Sorry parents, this amazing fun zone is just for kids! Kid’s Stuff is a 15,000 square foot supervised space for ages 0-11. Members can enjoy up to three (3) hours a day of care, while parents enjoy their workout.


Personal Training

Need some motivation? Our team of highly credentialed, experienced and certified Fitness Trainers are ready to help you get the results you’ve been striving for.

Orientation Session

Members receive one (1) free GAME PLAN orientation session with a certified Fitness Trainer. Session is designed to fully engage you into the club and get you on a plan to a better you!

Reward Program

MVP Health Points is our free healthy activity tracking and rewards program. Earn up to $150 easily by checking into the club, classes, training and more!


RDV Massage offers members and visiting guests the finest in relaxation, therapeutic, and athletic massage services.


As a membership add-on, this casual, open community work-space provides you the environment you need to get work done. Open Monday-Friday for ages 21+.

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Experience membership FREE for the whole family!

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