Orlando’s Fitness Destination

In the mid-‘90s the DeVos family had a vision of linking health with sports. They were looking for a way to connect their Orlando Magic NBA and Orlando Solar Bears IHL franchises with the Central Florida community while providing a place for health and sports. The idea was to use the lure of sports as a way to enhance the health of residents. Make health fun and people will come back for more. The response was overwhelming.


To honor Mr. DeVos, the new facility was given his initials as its branded name. In February 1998 RDV Sportsplex, a one-of-a-kind, 365,000 square foot, $60 million state-of-the-art fitness, wellness, sports and recreation facility was unveiled by RDV Sports and Florida Hospital. It was an immediate success.  For the first time, RDV provided a unique approach to health and fitness in a world class, spacious facility with modern equipment and the latest programming needs. By blending sports, fitness, retail and medicine by Florida Hospital, the facility remains one of the most unique and comprehensive multi-purpose health and athletic facilities in the country.


Opened: February 1998 | Size: 365,000 square feet

RDV Exterior
Fitness Floor
Studio #1
Kid's Stuff