Over the past three months we have been working extremely hard on an extensive rebuild and are very excited to share a projected timeline for our reopening. Our goal is to open RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club and Ice Den on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30. LEARN MORE >>


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October 26, 2020


Great News! We are very excited to share with you a projected timeline for our reopening. Our goal is to open RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club and Ice Den on Monday, November 30th.

Over the past 120+ days, our contractors and team have worked extremely hard on an extensive rebuild that included most of our 365,000 square foot building. Along with building repairs, we have made some amazing improvements and over these next few weeks look forward to new equipment deliveries, major system installations and completing final building maintenance. As with any construction project this large, all dates remain tentative.

We know this has been a long road, 
but your patience, support and enthusiasm to get back has given us the resilience to rebuild better than ever. We can’t wait to welcome back our RDV community!


Look for continued project updates and further member information via email, our website and social media pages over the next 30 days!



July 24, 2020


To our RDV Community…

Since our closing on July 5, our emergency response team has worked diligently to assess the scope of the roof and water damage caused by the storms in June. Unfortunately, the extent of the damage is far more significant than we could have imagined and includes all flooring (wood, rubber, carpet and ice), all equipment and a number of other systems. The timeline to accomplish the task of installing new flooring, replacing all equipment, and completing other repairs is approximately 120 days.

Our goal is to reopen RDV Athletic Club and RDV Ice Den in late November. 

This news does not come lightly and our hearts are heavy for our amazing team, Athletic Club members, Ice Den customers and all those that visit and love RDV.  We know that for the past 22 years, our building has been so much more than just a gym and an ice rink, it is has been a community and a family. And for that family, we stand committed to rebuilding and reopening RDV Sportsplex as Central Florida’s world-class sports and fitness destination. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding. We will remain RDV STRONG and look forward to the day we welcome back our incredible community.

We will actively communicate any updates and timeline changes as necessary.
No membership dues or Points Plus fees will be charged to any accounts until we are able to reopen.