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We are carefully opening our locations with a phased approach to ensure cleaning, safety and distancing protocols that align with CDC guidelines, state restrictions and industry best practices. For the status of your location and to review our comprehensive reopening plan, CLICK HERE.

Group Fitness

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Our members find community and motivation in the hundreds of classes that are included in membership. From innovative programming to spacious studio spaces, we provide what is needed to get moving and get motivated. More than just a gym, yoga studio or boot camp program, MVP has it ALL!

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Instructor Education

We’ve teamed up with MOSSA to provide programs that are carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level. Each program has been professionally designed by Program Development Teams that include some of the world’s most experienced programmers. Every quarter, the team creates a new release, or class, for each program which entails a rigorous and thorough development system.

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Move to the beat and have fun in this cardio fitness class.

Class Details

Aqua Fit

This class incorporates resistive training with aqua dumbbells, wave webs, etc., focused on muscular strength and toning.

Class Details

Aquatic Wellness

Increase cardiovascular endurance, full body wellness and muscular strength with this low impact aquatics class that combines agility, flexibility and balance to…

Class Details

Back Splash

Class designed for the individual with a history of back pain or recent injury. It covers stabilization, flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning.

Class Details


A class designed to challenge you to your ultimate limit and getting the most out of each individual. This is all about…

Class Details

Boot Camp

Get ready to Sweat! A class designed to challenge you to your ultimate limit and getting the most out of each individual….

Class Details

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high energy workout. Class includes…

Class Details

Cardio Tennis for Kids

This FUN cardio-based class is centered on active tennis drills where kids will hit tons of balls in creative drill formats to…

Class Details

Chair Yoga

Entry level Yoga for individuals with limitations. Chairs are used.

Class Details


A training program designed to regain, maintain and increase flexibility. This class incorporates some Pilates core method exercises that you experience in…

Class Details

Deep Water Fitness

This non-impact exercise class is geared for all individuals wanting a challenging aquatic workout. Designed for new and expectant mothers and individuals…

Class Details

Group Active

Incorporating all elements of fitness, Group Active will increase your cardio fitness, build your strength and improve your balance and flexibility, all…

Class Details

Group Blast

BLAST OFF your workout with 55 minutes of athletic cardio training that will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you…

Class Details

Group Centergy

Grow longer and stronger as you explore this journey of yoga and Pilates movements. Positive uplifting music, group dynamics and supportive instructors…

Class Details

Group Core

Let’s get HARD CORE! Train like an athlete in 30 action packed minutes. A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips,…

Class Details

Group Fight

Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness! From the boxing ring…

Class Details

Group Groove

Experience a fusion of club, urban and Latin dance styles with motivating chart-topping hits and retro classic tunes. Supportive, funky, easy going…

Class Details

Group Power

This barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment. For all ages and athletic levels, discover results,…

Class Details

Group Ride

Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower…

Class Details

Healthy Lifestyle

Class is designed for members of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. It offers a variety of fitness programming that includes strength,…

Class Details

Just Balance

Designed to improve your core strength, stamina and self-confidence; each class promotes progression and improvements in balance.

Class Details

Kid Fit & Fun

(Ages 6-11) Designed to get youth of varying fitness levels and abilities active and enjoying exercise. Kids will learn the fundamentals of…

Class Details


This class applies principles pioneered by Joseph Pilates, with a concentration on core development to improve balance and coordination. Focus is on…

Class Details


Get fit in only 30 minutes! It’s as easy as riding a bike and in R30, riding a bike has never been…

Class Details

Recovery Yoga

A slower yoga practice that focuses on restoring the body to a state of balance. Instructors will lead you through a series…

Class Details

Sit & Be Fit

A seated total body conditioning program.

Class Details

Swim Fit

The fitness swim class is geared for anyone from a novice swimmer to an expert swimmer who wants a cool and refreshing…

Class Details

Training for Warriors

TFW is designed to develop muscular strength and mental fortitude. This holistic approach includes proper warm-up, strength, endurance, flexibility and speed training…

Class Details


Our yoga program allows anyone to participate in any class. Each instructor will provide professional feedback, variations and modifications to accommodate all…

Class Details

Zone Training

Zone Training is a 60-minute interval-based class designed for participants to reach their maximum potential while maintaining control of their workout as…

Class Details


Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations, which allow the participants to dance away their worries.

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